Mastering The Art of Vegetarian Cooking

Day 32: Portobello Stew, Polenta, Braised Radishes, and a near tragedy

This was a good meal, but not really worth burning our house down for.

I did something stupid; I put a pot of 8 quarts of water on the stove before I left to get the kids, thinking I’d heat it until I left, then turn it off. Except I forgot the turning off part. I didn’t realize it until after I’d sat in car line, loaded up the kids, run to the toy store to get an emergency Webkinz (yes, an emergency Webkinz). As I swung back onto the road home, it hit me– I didn’t turn of the stove.  Did I turn off the stove? I didn’t. Did I? Oh, crap. And I started saying, “oh no, oh no, oh no…” And then the kids wanted to know what was wrong. And I told them. Bad move– Baxter burst into tears immmediately, saying, “I don’t want our house to burn down! What about my Lego?”  (Gee, thanks, buddy.)

I assured them that it was unlikely that the pot would catch on fire, since there was nothing in it but water (and I left the lid on). I figured the pot would be ruined, but no fire. I hoped. I drove home, silently hoping. As we got closer, I could see there was no smoke, no fire trucks (and Baxter noted that, too). I ran in to a steamy house– yep, I’d left it on. Crap. And my predictions were exactly right– no fire, ruined pan. Whew. But I grabbed the lid (with an oven mitt, which was totally burned beyond use), then put the whole pot in the sink, never thinking about how hot it was (it was really hot). I burned my sink, possibly irreparably. Oh, well– better than the whole house.

2009 11 10_burned-pan

Not a pretty side effect of my project.

So, on to the actual meal. I knew Winter Portobello Mushroom Stew would be a hit with the whole family;  I’m fortunate that my children all like mushrooms, and Jon has even gotten used to them after being married to me for 14 years. I snuck a little wine into the broth, and used the garlic and rosemary the receipe called for, but I went easy on the red pepper flakes for fear of scaring the kids off again. Overall, I think I underseasoned it a little, but it was still quite good. I served it over the polenta, which Sophie did not eat. That’s not too odd, I guess, given that she only sporadically eats the grits I serve for breakfast on a regular basis. I saved the leftover polenta, thinking I could find another recipe for it later on.

The other dish I made seemed like a longshot– braised radishes. Braised radishes? Never heard of ’em. I like radishes, but I wasn’t sure that I could sell them to the kids. Lo and behold, they loved them! Madeline commented that they tasted like Brussels Sprouts, and they did. Except that Baxter and Jon liked them, too. I even manage to reduce the sauce as Deborah instructs.  They were delicious. Who knew?

2009 11 09_Mushroom-Radish-Polenta

I threw in a spinach salad with the lemon vinaigrette I had left over.

Winter Portobello Stew, p. 254; Polenta, p. 523; Braised Red Radishes, p. 416

Next: Beet Risotto, Romaine Hearts with Parmesan and Lemon Vinaigrette, Butternut Squash Coins with Chermoula Sauce.


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  1. * Marti says:

    MK! Sorry about your sink (and your pan), but that dinner looks wonderful!!!!!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 8 months ago
  2. * Monica says:

    So, your kids loved the radishes…even though they tasted like brussel sprouts!? That’s amazing in itself. Well done! 🙂 I’ve enjoyed looking at your blog!! I may need to ask for a recipe once in a while!! Keep it up!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 8 months ago

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