Mastering The Art of Vegetarian Cooking

Crying “Uncle”

So I really am enjoying the cooking part of this enterprise. I am up to 146 recipes, on pace to finish the book in about a year and a half or two years. That’s fine; I like the challenge of a time frame, if a loose one, and I like the structure of cooking from one book. The part I don’t like? Blogging. I apologize to both my regular readers, but I find that the cooking (and planning and shopping) are too time-consuming and, frankly, more compelling than writing about it. If something spectacular happens, I’ll come post about it here, but the pressure to blog every meal I cook is sucking the fun out of this adventure.

I hope you will all buy Deborah’s cookbook and experiment for yourselves; I’m going to go back to cooking in anonymity, and with less stress. Let me know if you cook something from the book; I’d love to hear.


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