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Further Complications

Well, now the blogging AND the cooking are suspended for a while. I broke my ankle Tuesday, and won’t be able to stand to cook for weeks. More info here:


What’s Going on Here

Elwood J. Dog, on our bed (where he is not normally allowed)

Just a note about the non-cooking part of my life (which occasionally prevents me from cooking): Our beloved pet, Elwood, a twelve-year-old Brittany Spaniel/Australian Shepherd mix who joined our family at six weeks when it was just me and Jon and our Aussie, Boomer, is very sick. In fact, he’s dying. We spent the day at the veterinary hospital on Saturday, afraid we wouldn’t even get to bring him home. He has a tumor in his heart, and his pericardium had filled with blood. They drained it, though, and he is home and being showered with love and affection (and steak, a rare treat for a dog stuck in a vegetarian household). He probably only has days left, but we are trying to enjoy him and make him as comfortable as possible for whatever time he has.

If I disappear again for a few days, you’ll know why. I’m only two posts from Thanksgiving, with EIGHT recipes (plus two that weren’t from the book because I had to have cornbread dressing, which isn’t in the book, and it had to include my mom’s skillet cornbread), so stay tuned for that!