Mastering The Art of Vegetarian Cooking

Day 47: Pinto Bean Soup, Spoon Bread, Skillet Asparagus

The most appealing thing about this pinto bean soup recipe was how easy it was. I hadn’t really planned to cook two days before Thanksgiving, but my kids love soup and beans, so I decided to throw together a meal with what I had on hand. I love that I have enough things on hand now, after changing my shopping habits, that I can do that.  I did use a mixture of beans, though, with small red, small white, and pinto. I made the beans in the pressure cooker because — of course — I had not soaked them. (I’ve run through all the lentil soup recipes already, as those are quick and easy, and a family favorite.)

I topped the soup with cilantro and onions, and served it with spoon bread. I felt like it was more egg-y than I’d have liked; I was expecting a more bread-like texture. The kids were lukewarm about it, too; I made the Cheese and Chile variation, but I think it could have used much more than a half cup of cheese (and my cheese-loving daughter agreed).

The skillet asparagus was quick and simple, though maybe a little strange served on the side with soup. No matter… the kids aren’t huge asparagus fans, so there were lots of leftovers. I put some leftover vinaigrette on arugula and served that with it, too.

(Oh, and Elwood’s still with us, if you’re following his saga. He was even running around in the snow yesterday, chasing squirrels and causing me to worry about him stressing his heart!)

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